Stability is everything.

As cliche as it may sound, being grounded is an integral part of life. A foundation’s strength could also very well mean the difference between success and failure. It should be a priority to secure the most efficient and also durable grounding possible. That’s exactly what RunMat offers the world of ground stabilization.

RunMat USA also has a combined 70 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. This includes 35 years of polymer specific manufacturing. Also, add in 20 years in large scale construction, and you have a ground stabilization you can trust.

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RunMat: An Effective, Alternative Ground Stabilization System

At RunMat, we’ve revolutionized ground stabilization. We are an efficient alternative to the likes of gravel, concrete and also asphalt. These have long been the main and most identifiable options for most grounding. That said, that doesn’t mean they’re the most effective. Factors like durability and also quality can present eventual, complicated restrictions.

RunMat, on the other hand, is also composed with the utmost quality in mind. It consists of interlocking tiles made up of high density polyethylene (HDPE).

An Alternative to Concrete.
Versatile ground stabilization for:

Industries that will benefit from RunMat

Part of what makes RunMat so valuable is its versatility.

It is a shoe in for the construction industry. Job sites, parking lots, and more stand to gain from its practical and also safe nature. The aviation industry is also a hotbed when it comes to ground stabilization. From grass runways, to airport hangers, RunMat remains a robust resource!

Outdoor industries would also be a reasonable beneficiary. Think of your typical sporting or entertainment based engagement. Stages, crowd space, and so many other opportunities for ground stabilization! Farming, Transportation, Residential Areas and others also stand to gain the same support. From driveways, to road shoulders, walking paths and also much more, RunMat should be your first stop.



Now, let's dive into just how RunMat will impact each of the industries listed.

As stated, ground stabilization is its main offering. But it can also help to keep finances in check. It’s a far more cost-effective alternative than it’s leading competitors. Also, it’s unique nature offers a novel solution!

Not only can RunMat support up to heavy traffic loads, it also offers better traction. This is due in part to its flexibility. It can be permanent, or temporary given your needs. It also remains pliable without sacrificing any of its integrity or robustness. In every arena, RunMat leads.

Are you ready for the best ground stabilization solutions the industry has to offer?

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