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The golf course is meant to be a place of peace, as well as physical activity. Sure, there may be people socializing, but when it’s time to swing, all focus is on the ball. This carries on from the course’s start to finish. Players want to be sure that their experience won’t be plagued by any inconveniences. After all, there’s already enough for them to focus on in the game. RunMat is here to ensure that unstable ground isn’t one of those issues.

RunMat is made up of a quality, sturdy compound that prevents it from losing its integrity. We’ll provide your course with ground improvement that’ll last you for years to come. A course’s reputation is everything. You’ll want yours compiled of only the best and most reliable materials. We’re here to support! Check out our product page for a more thorough breakdown of what went into the making of RunMat.


Many don’t often think of golf as a high intensity sport. Sure, it doesn’t have the full on contact of football or basketball. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t consist of physical activity. It actually involves a great bit of physical dexterity. First, the golf swing itself engages the entire body. This means many muscles and joints are affected. Likewise, the courses for a full game of golf are often pretty lengthy.


If there’s ground instability at any point during this, it can have an impact on user experience. The physical requirements noted stand to be greatly affected by uneven flooring. This can contribute even more to fatigue or injury as a result of overcompensation. This is where a solution like RunMat is useful. We can help in ensuring you’re guests have a pleasant experience. From start to finish, we can provide premium ground stabilization.

Keeping The Road Steady

While some golfers may walk the length of the course, some may have access to golf carts.

These can be a great resource if you need to cut down on time or simply don’t want to walk the length of the trail. This means though, that the grounds that the carts travel on will need solid reinforcement. A injury from walking on uneven ground can be bad. But a golf cart wreck can be even worse.

Does your golf course have a gravel parking lot?

 While it’s not always a big issue, this can pose minor inconveniences for your patrons. Why not get some ground solutions that will guarantee their satisfaction? Anywhere else on your course suffering from uneven ground? Give us a try. We can help check this off the list of outstanding to-dos.



Can your next effort benefit from stable ground? We can guarantee you durable ground improvement. Schedule a consultation with us today. We can determine how best to service your needs. Be sure to also check out extensive blog section. It has a wealth of knowledge on ground stabilization and how it functions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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