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Outdoor Events


Think back to a time before the pandemic. Back to when the outdoors were open, and you could move about a bit more freely. There was nothing better than enjoying a well executed outdoor event. From concerts, to sports, and so much more, these events have been missed in the past year. But, as things progress and more of our new normal comes together, we’re gearing up for their return! As we did pre-pandemic, RunMat USA will continue to support these events with our product.

It’s important to note, please continue to be safe and exercising caution. It’s great to see things progressing, but we want to be sure to encourage everyone’s safety. With that said, RunMat’s premium ground stability solutions also ensure safety. There are a number of moving parts to keep account of, all of which needs stable ground to take place on. Our cost-effective, quality made product will keep your effort grounded.


Outdoor Concerts are a prime example of having a lot going on at once. There are stages, audience sections, sometimes food cart sections, and so much more. Stabile ground makes these constant transitions smooth. Not only that, but they also account for the space’s safety. We’ve seen it too many times. A concert stage gives way. These moments can turn what should be an enjoyable moment into a dangerous situation. RunMat can help in avoiding these concerns altogether!



Festivals are like concerts, but a bit bigger in scope. These events can bring in huge volumes of traffic. This is great for business, but bad if you have a poor structural foundation. Like with the concerts, a structure giving way at a festival can lead to injuries, damages, and more. RunMat was designed to address problems like these. Head over to our Products page for a deeper breakdown of the product.


Another example would be if there are food trucks at the event. If it’s outdoors, particularly at a park, there’s a chance the ground won’t be as level. This can lead to a bunch of mishaps you’ll likely want to avoid, especially with so much already happening. RunMat’s matting solutions solve this issue. Whatever the effort, we usually can support more than one aspect of it. This includes the parking lot. Rather than having to contend with gravel, try RunMat for a smoother ground option.


From field to the lot


Sporting events are another industry that have come back more and more. They can also use RunMat’s ground solutions. This support extends to all sports! We can’t overstate the need for stable ground. Securing this in a sporting event can help push the process along much more efficiently. Your next tournament will benefit greatly from our services. This also includes the inside of the game, as well as the parking lot.



RunMat USA was made with the desire to add value to its clients. These initiatives are an opportunity to support your vision with quality results. If you’re ready, head on over to our contact page to set up consultation.

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