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At RunMat, we’re all about quality, cost-effective solutions. Ground stabilization is essential in almost all fields. It’s also proven to be a solid alternative to competitors. That’s because of the value it adds when applied.

RunMat also eases concerns over erosion control, ensuring effective ground improvement. Read more about the problems we solve below!

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Ground Stabilization

Poor ground stabilization poses a lot of concerns. In extreme cases, it could also even be a threat to safety. It can also impede productivity if the area needs steady, commercial traffic. From a cosmetic standpoint, stable grounding also helps aesthetics. RunMat addresses each of these.

First, RunMat is made using a high density homopolymer. Through a series of interlocking tiles, a sturdy grid-lock is created. It evenly distributes weight, and also blends well in all environments. You can even place it on grass without it also interfering with growth. Think of it as an all purpose ground medium.

Cost-Effective Asphalt Alternative

RunMat is a cheaper ground stabilization alternative to asphalt, gravel, and also other standard polymer matting. It also delivers more value at a fraction of the cost. This includes supporting medium to heavy loads with better traction and flexibility. It is ground improvement that you can depend on.

A lot of this value also comes from RunMat’s makeup. Remember that homopolymer we mentioned? High Density Polyethylene Resin allows for excellent stiffness, low warpage, and also superior toughness. It also produces a unique textured surface. Commercial Grade, UV Resistant, and also easy to install, with no permitting required. Top tier ground stabilization results at reasonable rates.

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A product for ALL industries


Each of the attributes listed above can support many different industries. Driveways, parking lots, golf courses, and also sidewalks; the list goes on. We provide accessible solutions that work to benefit all transportation and matting efforts. From paving nature trails, to reinforcing concert stages, and also supporting emergency service vehicles.


RunMat also helps to compartmentalize ground stabilization efforts. Take the concert industry for example. RunMat can support staging efforts, matting for the audience, the parking lot, and also much  more! Or what about in the aviation industry? RunMat is just as valuable to an airplane hangar as it also is to the runway. Everything you need in a central, convenient location.


What Causes Unstable Ground?

Also, there are a number of factors that can lead to unstable ground. The most prominent of them is mother nature. The earth already has a natural tendency to shift. But also, things are further complicated by several other environmental factors.


This includes flooding, dry spells, exhaustion of mineral resources, and also others.


If your structure lacks stable ground, it can also lead to big time issues down the line. It can gradually erode and change the structure over time. RunMat preserves the integrity of your foundation, while also ensuring quality and longevity.


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