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Construction has long been one of the world’s most thriving industries. It’s also the building of block of every structure around us. Its entry points range from independent startups, to global empires. Also, historical figures prove that the industry wont be disappearing anytime soon. “It makes a significant contribution to the national economy… and provides employment to a large number of people.”

That’s why RunMat is happy to provide the industry with premium ground stabilization. Whatever the effort, there is also likely some need for cost effective ground solutions. You can trust our quality, and also innovative product to deliver trusted ground improvement. We’ll cover some interesting aspects of construction, as well as how RunMat supports them


Like RunMat, the field of construction is also characterized by its versatility.

As stated, it’s a critical aspect in virtually all areas. In this case, it’s the building and also maintenance of commercial properties. There are monetary concerns, interior design questions, and also so much more to keep track of.

The first of these concerns is stable ground.

The site doesn’t progress without first securing the proper foundation. RunMat can help make prioritizing this a smooth process.

Also, a great deal of thought and commitment went into making the product. We wanted to create something that didn’t only work, but that also lasts.


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Why Us?

RunMat is a truly novel accessory supportive of all occasions. It’s high density, homopolymer make up is eco-friendly, and also durable. This is quality ground improvement, with longevity also guaranteed. No cracks, failure points, no hiccups. Only reliable ground reinforcement to assist in your field’s needs.

In the construction industry, RunMat can assist in quite a few areas. We can service any place on a job site that requires stable ground without fear of withering or cracks. No concerns over whether the structure can support the site’s load. It can also help by providing matting in the site’s parking lot.

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Interesting facts about Construction

The Construction Industry is one of the most successful industries in the world. In the US alone, it’s worth peaks at over a trillion dollars. It’s about a 60%-40% split between commercial and residential construction. The percentages are in favor of commercials.

The industry is also a huge resource for employment. It provides almost eight million jobs in this country alone. Its multiple sectors offer a range of career opportunities for those interested. Its influence extends throughout several other industries. Like other industries on this list, it’s essential to so many different efforts!

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Traditionally, materials like concrete have been the go to for the construction industry. RunMat USA is looking to change that. We offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option. One that’s also durable, and will uphold its integrity well past its usefulness. No cracks over time from use and trauma. We’re here to make sure your site functions with quality parts.

RunMat offers premium ground solutions at affordable rates. We can ensure dependable matting for your effort, regardless of the industry. For any other questions, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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