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RUNMAT and aviation

The aviation industry has a steeped history rich in various stages. What began as a novel idea is now one of the most lasting global transportation industries. Even its network of partners extends well beyond its own industry. It makes travel so much more convenient. Wherever on the globe you can think to go, there’s likely an airline that can take your there. That said, there is a significant amount of effort that goes into pulling this off. There are countless moving parts dedicated to keeping things on schedule.

Then, there’s also the concern of safety. People want to know that the utmost care and quality was put into securing their flights. At RunMat, we aim to be a part of that solution. Our cost effective grounding solutions add value from the parking lot to the planes. You can count on RunMat to reinforce your matting without rusting or flailing. RunMat is made of sturdy, quality materials, and built to last.

Diversity In Air Travel

There are several different kinds of aircrafts that serve equally as many purposes. You have your typical airplanes. Then there are helicopters. Jets, so on, and so forth. Self-piloted drones also fall under this category. People often think of aviation and airlines as one in the same. But in truth, as our list above shows, aviation encompasses many different industries. It’s so large, it was able to survive a quarantine-laden pandemic.


An upside to the industry is just how it brings the world a little closer together. People are able to step outside of their norms and comfort zones. They get to experience life from different perspectives. This builds upon their existing respect for these cultures in an even more personal way. More and more gaps are bridged between people of different backgrounds. There’s a real earnestness when it comes to the travel industry that we’re proud to support.

Types Of Flight


Another way to differentiate between kinds of flight is civil and military. The first refers to anything that involves civilians, while the other, armed forces. As our previous section alludes to, air travel can be domestic or international. There are also more compact airlines that are good for city to city travel. As far the larger entities, we’re sure you’ve heard of them. Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, etc.

The Aviation Industry also provides a number of employment opportunities. They offer managerial positions, as well as a host of other career opportunities. There are even online agencies dedicated to helping place candidates with job opportunities. There’s also a wealth of education on the subject readily available online. A simple google search will unveil a ton of info on getting started in the industry.



RunMat USA is happy to continue serving credible industries like this one. We offer premium grounding solutions at a fraction of our competitors’ rates. Our product is made of trusted materials that will serve you for years to come. Head on over to our contact page so we can start the conversation!

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