Ground Stabilization Solutions

Stable ground is a necessity in virtually every situation. Regardless of where you are, dependable ground supports several things. From your footing, to transportation, to festivities, and more. These considerations not only add to aesthetic, but they also maintain safety protocols. There are many different ground stabilization solutions. Each has their own set of pros and cons.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the popular choices for quality matting. We’ll weigh the options, and see which is the most effective and why. Of course, we recommend RunMat USA. Our quality ground improvements are cost-effective and provide top notch service. Let’s see how its leading alternatives stack up. 


Concrete has historically been a favored choice for countless flooring efforts. It’s gotten the job done for years. But, one of the main drawbacks to the material is its strength. It’s not long after being laid that it begins to wither and crack. This can be damaging for appearances, and depending on the setting, dangerous.

Also, the process of curing concrete for use is time-consuming. It can take upwards of a month before being ready. As you’ll see, there are effective alternatives that don’t take as long to produce.


It’s not rare to see gravel used as a concrete alternative. First, it’s environmentally-conscious. The material is accessible, and often gets the job done. Like RunMat, this option isn’t costly as some of its counterparts. Installation times are also much quicker. But, that’s not to say it’s not without its cons.

Gravel has the misfortune of being susceptible to the elements. Storms, high winds, or other natural events can misplace the rocks. This can lead to having to replace it quite often. It can also bring down appearances. The more it interacts with the environment, the more likely it is to become mucky.


This is another material that’s more cost-friendly than others that made the list. It’s also quite popular, being used frequently among many different industries. It takes a a close eye when producing, though. A bad mixture can shave a lot of time off of its lifespan.

Even a good mixture still has a short lifespan compared to its counterparts. Also, anyone interested in a good appearance may have to make some concessions. Even before cracking, it has more of a jaggy look. You expect to perform maintenance every few years at the very least.


Sand is another matting option some use. This has far more limitations than its counterparts, though. It’s not as effective in as many different places as the previous entries. Sand also requires support from other matting options for optimal performance. It can also be a poor choice for certain areas, i.e., driveways.

RunMat USA

At RunMat, we offer top of the line ground stabilization solutions. Our product is durable, easy to use, and will serve as a solid foundation for most efforts. If you have any more questions, feel free to schedule a consultation with us today!


We’re committed to providing quality ground solutions to all our nation’s major industries. If there’s room for a stable foundation, we can supply it. Already know how we can serve your industry? Reach out to us today! We’re happy to set up a consultation, and get RunMat into your set up.