Concrete Alternative: Why To Choose RunMat USA

Concrete has long been the ground solution of choice for many industries. From Aviation, to Construction, Outdoor Events, and more. All often use it in their daily operations. And there’s certainly been a reason for it. It does do its job, and has for quite some time. But, like with most processes, industries evolve. Along with them are the ways to manage effective operations. Part of this is to have the most up to date, quality parts for all processes.

When it comes to ground stabilization, RunMat offers a superior, more cost-effective alternative. Our tiles are made with quality materials. This will help you avoid some of the cons that are common with options like concrete. We’ll get into more on that below. After completing this article, feel free to check out our other blog entries. They’re packed with information on ground solutions and the industries they service.

The Cons Of Concrete

The main issue with concrete lies in its durability. It does not stay pristine for very long. When manufactured on its own, it’s quick to crack. It doesn’t take much for it to give way to frequent use. This can make the ground uneven, and aesthetically unappealing. Often, many have to compensate for this by adding in other supplementary materials. This increases the volume of work, taking time away from productivity.

More than one aspect of concrete’s make-up deteriorates quickly. It often takes outside materials to reinforce each of these. If not, things like salt stains and more can occur in addition to the cracks. Its integrity doesn’t last very long at all. This limitation doesn’t only exist in its application, though. Even the making of concrete can be a long process. It can take around 30 days for it to cure. When compared to the setup and installation times of RunMat, this is not a productive use of time.

Concrete Vs. RunMat

Good concrete requires an eye and time that it doesn’t always get. This means that most concrete available won’t take long to deteriorate. But even the applications that are well made take a longer time to make then their demand needs. These efforts deserve a stronger solution. RunMat is a time and cost-effective alternative that won’t erode or give way to use. The combined expertise supporting RunMat has worked hard to ensure top ground improvement.

Our RunMat tiles are made with a high density polymer. It’s flexible, durable, and addresses all of the concerns noted above. It’s also much cheaper in price comparison, making it accessible to all who can benefit. There are also a host of other advantages when choosing RunMat. For more information on RunMat USA, visit our homepage here.

RunMat USA

Quality efforts deserve quality ground stabilization. Options like concrete may historically have been the trend in most industries. But this is a much more effective alternative. Save money, and guarantee results. Have any more questions? Reach out to us today for a consultation!


We’re committed to providing quality ground solutions to all our nation’s major industries. If there’s room for a stable foundation, we can supply it. Already know how we can serve your industry? Reach out to us today! We’re happy to set up a consultation, and get RunMat into your set up.