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Transportation is integral to everyday life. It’s one of the more prevalent conveniences that we can enjoy! It allows us accessible passage that makes our day to day activities more efficient. It’s also a major industry, responsible for several job opportunities. It also impacts multiple industries. Needless to say, it’s an important service. That means that it must be kept functioning properly at all times. RunMat is here to provide the transportation industry with quality structural support.

RunMat is a group of interlocking tiles made up of high density polyethylene (HDPE). It’s a cost-effective, more efficient alternative to usual ground material. This won’t rust, and its integrity wont give way to time and use. It’s durable, quality material that you can depend on. There are a few different aspects of the transportation industry RunMat can support. We’ll explore some of those, as well as some interesting facts about the industry below.

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One of the main areas of travel that RunMat can support are road shoulders. This refers to the area that vehicles can stop in case of emergency. As the description implies, it is critical that these function properly. It may be as simple as the inconvenience of creating traffic. Or in the worst case, it can mean the difference between life and death. RunMat is perfect for these areas, as we can ensure everything is happening on level ground. This assists in a few ways. In particular, it could help make transporting crash victims more simple and smooth.

We can also support emergency egresses. In short, they’re special doors that make it easier for people to exit in case of emergency. They differ from regular doors, as they have to adhere to specific construction specs. They are specially equipped to prevent people from being trapped inside.


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Facts About The Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is very important to the national bottom line. It’s responsible for facilitating a trillion dollars yearly. It offers countless jobs, contributing well to the country’s overall performance.  A considerable percentage of that nation’s jobs account for some relation to transportation. It’s not only significant to how we travel, but it’s also important how our goods travel. Our food locations depend on these efforts to run well. If not, it could lead to quick, impactful shortages. Effective transportation is critical when looking to establish stable functions.

The transportation industry also exhibits diversity. Minorities account for almost half of its participants. The nearest leading industries pale in comparison to this. This is matched only by its continued success and growth. The industry continues to thrive, and more opportunities are added every day. This ranges from employment opportunities, to invention, to overall industry growth.


We’re committed to providing quality ground solutions to all our nation’s major industries. If there’s room for a stable foundation, we can supply it. Already know how we can serve your industry? Reach out to us today! We’re happy to set up a consultation, and get RunMat into your set up.

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