What Causes Unstable Ground?

When dealing with unstable ground, time is of the essence when it comes to fixing it. Wait too long, and the damage will simply compound. This will give way to future problems that may be more expensive to fix. Or even worse, they may become irreversible.

Materials like asphalt often succumb to repeated use. The key is knowing exactly what’s wrong when addressing the issue. Using the incorrect approach can be almost as bad as inaction. You can always avoid the problem altogether by choosing RunMat USA. But for those curious about what causes unstable ground and how to fix, read on!

Cracks In The Foundation

It doesn’t take long for the blemishes to appear on used asphalt. It can come from one of two places. The first is constant traffic leaving its imprint. The other is its reaction to mother nature. Different kinds of cracks can signify different deficiencies.

Some cracks develop as a result of lack of reinforcement. Likewise, they can occur if the foundation as a whole was laid improperly. They’ll also occur when the existing flooring shifts. As stated, many of these are natural occurrences, and don’t need any interference to occur.

Fading Away Over Time

The constant use and exposure to elements can cause the material to fracture and erode over time. This determines a lot about how a mixture was made. The more deterioration, the less quality the mix was. This can lead to some major inconveniences for its traffic.

Take a roadway for example. Some of these depressions can be seen everyday. Running over one of these in a vehicle can lead to damages and high repair expenses. And this doesn’t just affect your pockets. In the wrong scenario, this can be dangerous to the driver. It’s important to fix these immediately to avoid these issues.

Moisture On The Ground

When it comes to transportation, the weather can have a pretty large impact on asphalt. It tends to store moisture. After a rainy day, this can lead to an overflow of water top side. Again, this becomes a serious safety hazard for vehicles.

Asphalt can also lose its traction over time. This is a result of too much asphalt in a road. This is another example of a potential hazard when using asphalt. The material can be effective, but it faces a number of factors that stand to damage its integrity.

RunMat USA

When using RunMat, each of the limitations described here are eliminated. We’ve developed a superior product. One that isn’t susceptible to as many setbacks and limitations as other options. We’ve invested a lot of care and effort into RunMat. Our team has developed the most efficient, cost-effective matting.

Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. If you’re in need of reasonable, but high quality ground improvement, we can help. Check out our homepage for a breakdown of what goes into making RunMat. We look forward to hearing from you!


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