RunMat At AirVenture 2022

The aviation community centers around more than just the business of air travel.
It’s a fraternity that includes all with some connection to the process of flight. Of all the opportunities for these community members to congregate, one of the most important and well known is

The function operates over the span of a week, and is host to literally hundreds of thousands of people. It’s powered by the EAA, who sponsor different events year round in celebration of this community’s shared experience. You can expect to see every variation of an aircraft on display when attending.




Airventure will be held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, July 25-31st, at the EAA Fly-In Convention Grounds. Events include Airshows, Aircraft Rides, Nighttime fare, and so much more! The selection of aircrafts that will be present range from what you’d find at a typical airport, to some of the most unique birds ever produced.

It’s important to note that Airventure will be observing all COVID related protocols to keep attendees safe. Be sure to check out their various News & Multimedia outlets to stay up to date on all relevant info. And here’s some more great news: RunMat USA will be in attendance this year!


Where we fit in

Working With RunMat USA

At RunMat, our goal is to offer quality ground stabilization solutions to the industries that need them most. From aviation, to construction, and far beyond. Check out our previous write up on how RunMat’s solutions helped to fix standing water issues at a runway in SC. And if you’re planning to attend Airventure 2022, look for our exhibit!

Are you in need of better ground stabilization today? You don’t have to wait to see us in person to get more information! Simply head to our contact page and schedule a consultation with one of our esteemed team members. We’ll can install the flooring that your operations deserve.