Unstable Ground At A Golf Course? Yes And No.

For those of us who are golf aficionados, we know all too well the pleasures of the course.From look, feel, and smell of the freshly styled green, to the light exercise you get from joining a game. Even for shorter rounds, there’s something therapeutic about the trail from hole to hole. One thing that stands to disrupt this experience, though, is unstable ground.

That’s where RunMat USA comes in. Our goal is enhance the experience of every industry we service with favorable, quality flooring solutions. Read on for a deeper dive!

Ground Stabilization Is No Swing & Miss

First, let’s set the stage properly. Gold courses come complete with many hills, and all around interesting exterior design. There will be some areas, especially off of the travel path, who’s surface area will be a tad uneven. That said, when traveling from hole to hole, it’s best that the path remain intact and supportive.

You want patrons to be able to drive their golf carts across the trail without any complications. Even if you’re walking, there’s risks of injury posed by uneven and unstable ground. A twisted ankle from a misstep can end the game before it’s had a chance to start!

Using RunMat’s Ground Stabilization Solutions

With resources like RunMat USA, there’s no reason why stable flooring should be an issue. Our flooring units are the perfect alternative to other rougher, shorter lasting options. Concrete has become even more obsolete in the wake of RunMat.
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