Standing Water Issues For Busy Airfield

Standing Water Issues For Busy Airfield

RunMat USA is dedicated to solving ground stabilization issues for each of the industries we service.
That said, we are always proud when our solutions hit our intended goal. One of our most recent clients is the perfect example of how our ground improvement technique can improve your operations.

The client, who runs an airfield in South Carolina, obtained about 2800 square feet of our materials. The purpose was to fashion a sturdy, dependable path from their hangar to their runway. Not only was the installation a success, but it also solved some major concerns, i.e., standing water issues, in the process.

Ground Improvement Technique

As we’ve stated many times, ground stabilization does more than make your walk more comfortable. Uneven ground is actually a major hazard, especially depending on what it’s being used for. In the case of an airplane hangar, the considerations are endless.

Safer landings and take offs, less wear and tear on the planes, and more are addressed here. In the case of our clients in South Carolina, they had some pretty concerning standing water issues on their taxiway. We are happy to report that after the RunMat installation, their standing water issues were effectively resolved.

Working With RunMat USA

You don’t have to have an airplane hangar to be in need of quality ground stabilization. Our materials work to support a laundry list of industries. From aviation, to outdoor events, residential needs, and more. If your flooring is in need of better ground improvement technique, RunMat USA is the partner for you.

Do you have any more questions for us? Head over to our contact page to schedule a consultation today! Our team of experts is on hand to ensure that you get the ground solutions you need.